About Hout Bay Harbour

Hout Bay is a small coastal town around a half-hour’s drive coming from Cape Town. The word Hout Bay comes from the Afrikaans word ‘houtbaai’, which means ‘Wood Bay’. The region supplied the Dutch colony with wood throughout the 1650s which was employed to help develop Cape Town. These days, Hout Bay is a tourist spot, providing a number of mother nature and adventures, excellent dining places and cafes, as well as year-round activities, all while still keeping its small-town ambiance and hospitality.


As stated by guests and local residents alike, Hout Bay provides the finest fish and chips in the region. The lively small port is employed by fishermen not only to get fresh fishes, but also services a variety of boat trips and charters, such as a trip across the bay on a glass-bottom boat. In case you are only there to test the grub, Mariner’s Wharf is one of the best spot for fish and chips, while offering wonderful views of the ocean as well as the neighboring mountains.


The main road on Hout Bay is filled with exciting stores and you can find a superb art market around the green during Sunday. Many people sit down chatting in local cafes while they try out the delicacies on the numerous restaurants and there’s a winding feel to Hout Bay. You can also find a lively township named Imizamo Yethu.


Panoramic Hout Bay is really a vibrant coastal town along with a wonderful swimming shore and a scenic harbor where you could get some of the finest fish and chips on earth.


The beautiful town is based on a protected bay in between Chapman’s Peak as well as Mount Sentinel. Going there is definitely a simple and amazing drive coming from the city center. Aside from its panoramic splendor, Hout Bay is widely known for its fishing power and it is the center of Cape Town’s crayfish market.

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You may find your own self gazing out to ocean the moment you land in Hout Bay. The landscapes on this cultural town are enchanting as Hout Bay is placed within a fold of sea-lapped mountain tops that appear to be out throughout the Atlantic Ocean. The area is presided over by the Sentinel – protector of Hout Bay’s wealth.

The protective mountain ranges encircle Hout Bay as well as the very long sandy beach that is perfect for swimming and aquatic adventures such as water-skiing, sailing, fishing and surfing. You will come across residents strolling their dogs, riding horses as well as family members enjoying on the waters edge. The mountain tops offer wonderful trekking ventures.


The vibrant Hout Bay fishing harbour isn’t just a functional harbour for the tuna as well as crayfishing market sectors but also offers numerous tourism adventures such as boat trips,diving as well as fishing.