The 5 Big Game Fish Of South Africa

1. Big Blue Sport Fishing Charters

The Cape waters provide a few of the richest fishing grounds on earth and BIG BLUE SPORT FISHING CHARTERS is blessed to be situated in such fine fishing grounds, along with fast and simple accessibility to the tuna grounds as well as Cape Point, renowned for yellowtail fishing. In season captures of Yellowfin, Snoek, Longfin & Bigeye Tuna, Cape Salmon, Katonkel, Skipjack, Reef Fish, Dorado, Kob, Yellowtail and a number of Sharks, such as Atlantic Blue, Bronze Whalers and Mako Game Sharks as well as the rare Marlin makes sure that fishing is loved throughout every season.

Big Blue Sport Fishing Charters provides an expert service along with a higher level of reliability and their rate of success is proof of the skills and dedication of the staff and skippers. The purpose is to give you the perfect fishing venture, along with spectacular places as well as underwater life, excellent support, and great affordability. They are still proud to be the favored charter operator together with the best catch record around Simon’s Town.

2. Blue Water Charters

This Game Fishing tours are probably the most well-known of all the trips, game fish can be found from the warm East Coast Indian Oceans of Durban nearly throughout the year and while the seasons change the types of fish also change. The summer time is the best period for Game fish since there are numerous varieties around in quantity.

Blue Water Charters specializes in Game fishing offshore coming from Durban almost all of the year. The 10.4m Sport Fisher boat feels safe for very long days away from the ocean and perfectly equipped for Game Fishing, the whole tackle is latest and well-maintained, they have numerous fishing lures.

Tuna fishing is also their Specialty and they focus on Yellowfin Tuna throughout the year. They’ve got best Tuna catch rate from Durban and they’re regarded as Durban’s Top Tuna fishing boat.


Hooked On Africa Fishing Charters, the top Big Game Fishing Charter Firm is situated in one of the most prosperous fishing grounds remaining in today’s times. Having a wide variety of boats to charter, a range of various angling gear & tackle, they are one of the best Fishing Charter Firm around Cape Town.

In addition, they provide a number of fantastic boating trips like Eco Ocean Safari’s, Pelagic Birding Trips and Cray Fishing. They also often being contacted for boat hire for a shooting of Documentaries, Movie star Video and Photo Shoots and boat hire for big cruising activities like the Volvo Ocean Race.

4. Two Oceans Sports Fishing Charters

A highly-respected charter company working from Cape Town, South Africa. Two Oceans Sport Fishing Charters provide deep-sea, big game, fly and spear fishing charters for yellowfin tuna out of Hout Bay. Additionally, they provide Pelagic bird watching throughout the winter season.

Along with an experience of more than 27 years over the tuna grounds, they have the knowledge to help you get into the fish.

The staff possesses many years of local knowledge, getting grown up fishing around the Cape Waters. They are looking towards having your journey one of the most memorable experience and offering you the absolute best service.

Two Oceans Sport Fishing have got a number of boats designed to satisfy your desires. They only utilize the best boats, expertly rigged gear and skilled crew to ensure that you experience the very best adventure.

5. Offshore Sport Fishing Charters

Offshore Sport Fishing Charters are situated around Cape Point in which the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean break down towards the icy cold waters of the South Atlantic Ocean.

It’s the gathering of the various currents of those two oceans that brings the large quantity of marine life into the area. All beginning with the upwelling across the Atlantic part of the coast which brings huge numbers of plankton to the shores. This plankton is definitely the essential source of food for the huge shoals of Anchovies, Pilchard, Mackerel along with a number of other little pelagic fishes as well as squids, which often make up the main meal source of all the larger predatory fish.

This region likewise groups with Penguins, Seals, Sharks and Dolphins, which means your odds of viewing a few of these wonderful creatures close up during a charter is nearly assured. False Bay is likewise the home to a lot of really huge Great White Sharks and you just shouldn’t be amazed when they make a surprise appearance in just a few feet from you.